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What should the essay focus on?

The essay prompts are provided by CommonApp each year so make sure that you actually answer the question at hand. While answering the question, be sure to talk about any relevant experiences (limit it to 1-2), and how you grew from them. What lessons did you learn?

How crucial is the college essay?

The essay provides insight into a your personality and experiences. It can set you apart from other applicants by sharing the various interests and quirks that you may have.

How do I stand out in the essay pile?

Focus on an authentic and personal topic that showcases your values, passions, or experiences.

Can I reuse essays for different colleges?

You can adapt essays, but tailor each one to the specific college’s prompts and values.

What makes a strong college essay?

A strong essay reflects your voice, tells a compelling story, and provides insights into your character and growth.