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Angie K.

I first learned of Priyanka at my local library where I noticed her working with students. So when I realized my niece needed help with her college search and applications, I hired Priyanka to guide her in the process. My niece lives many states away but through Google Meet and Google Drive they were able to get through the process of applying to 10 colleges. I was able to follow the process through the Google Drive, and just this morning was able to reference my niece’s resume & other documents on the drive to help me write a letter of reference for her.

Priyanka has kept my brother & me well informed of their progress and has kept us on track with the financial aid application process. Priyanka was willing to help on all fronts, and both my niece and I have enjoyed working with her. For me, it was nice to entrust this job to someone else, so that I didn’t have to be the taskmaster, and for my niece it was helpful because Priyanka also helped her manage the stress that comes with this weighty process. I feel Priyanka’s services were a good value and certainly worth my investment!