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Gap Year Organizations

Gap Year Organizations


 Please note that the organizations have not been vetted, so please conduct your own research prior to applying.

Also note that program availability, locations, and specific offerings may vary, so reach out to the organizations for up-to-date information on their programs.

  1. Volunteer Programs:
    • Global Citizen Year: Offers immersive gap year experiences in countries like Ecuador, Brazil, and Senegal, focusing on leadership development and cultural immersion.
    • Projects Abroad: Provides volunteer programs in various fields such as education, healthcare, conservation, and community development across different countries.
    • IVHQ (International Volunteer HQ): Offers affordable volunteer opportunities in areas like childcare, teaching, wildlife conservation, and healthcare in multiple countries.
    • African Impact: Specializes in volunteer projects in Africa, including wildlife conservation, community development, and healthcare initiatives.
    • Cross-Cultural Solutions: Facilitates volunteer experiences focused on community development, education, and healthcare in multiple countries.
  1. Work and Travel Programs:
    • BUNAC (British Universities North America Club): Provides work and travel programs, including opportunities for seasonal jobs, internships, and cultural exchange in countries like the United States, Canada, and Australia.
    • Alliance Abroad Group: Offers work and travel programs, internships, and training opportunities in hospitality, tourism, and related industries worldwide.
  1. Adventure and Outdoor Programs:
    • Outward Bound: Offers wilderness expeditions and outdoor adventure programs focused on leadership development, team-building, and personal growth.
    • National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS): Provides immersive wilderness expeditions and outdoor skills training, emphasizing leadership and environmental ethics.
    • Rustic Pathways: Offers adventure travel and service-learning programs in diverse destinations, combining outdoor exploration with community service projects.
    • Adventures Cross-Country (ARCC): Provides adventure-based programs that incorporate outdoor activities, cultural immersion, and community service in various countries.
    • World Challenge: Organizes challenging expeditions and community development projects, fostering personal growth and global citizenship.
    • National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS): Offers wilderness expeditions and outdoor leadership courses in various locations, focusing on outdoor skills and environmental stewardship.
  2. Cultural Exchange and Language Programs:
    • AFS Intercultural Programs: Offers intercultural exchange programs in different countries, fostering cultural understanding and language immersion.
    • Rotary Youth Exchange: Provides opportunities for high school students to study abroad and experience cultural exchange through local Rotary clubs.
    • Go Overseas: Provides a comprehensive platform to explore language immersion programs, gap year experiences, and cultural exchange opportunities across the globe.
    • World Learning: Offers international programs for language learning, cultural immersion, and global education, with a focus on intercultural understanding and social impact.
    • CIEE (Council on International Educational Exchange): Provides study abroad and language immersion programs in over 40 countries, including semester and year-long options.
    • International Student Exchange Programs (ISEP): Facilitates study abroad programs, language immersion, and cultural experiences at partner universities worldwide.
  1. Internship and Professional Development Programs:
    • Gap Medics: Offers medical internships and shadowing programs for students interested in healthcare careers, providing hands-on experience in hospitals and clinics.
    • City Internships: Provides internships and career development programs in various industries, offering exposure to real-world work experiences and professional networks.
    • Gapforce: Offers gap year programs focused on gaining practical work experience, including internships, paid placements, and career-focused training.
    • Projects Abroad: Provides internship opportunities abroad in various fields, allowing participants to gain hands-on experience and develop professional skills.
    • The Intern Group: Facilitates international internship programs in various industries, offering professional development and cultural immersion.
    • CareerUp: Connects students and young professionals with internship placements and career development opportunities in global companies and organizations.
    • Absolute Internship: Offers customized internships in leading companies worldwide, allowing participants to enhance their skills and gain industry experience.


  1. Environmental Conservation and Sustainability Programs:
    • World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms (WWOOF): Allows participants to work on organic farms around the world in exchange for accommodation and meals.
    • Conservation Corps: Offers conservation-focused programs involving trail building, habitat restoration, and environmental education.
  1. Personal Development and Skill-Building:
    • Thinking Beyond Borders: Focuses on global education and social justice, offering programs that combine travel, experiential learning, and leadership development.
    • Winterline Global Skills: Provides a structured gap year program focused on acquiring practical skills through hands-on experiences in areas like outdoor education, entrepreneurship, and technology.
    • Skillshare: Online learning platform offering thousands of courses on creative skills, entrepreneurship, and personal development that can be pursued during a gap year.
    • National Civilian Community Corps (NCCC): AmeriCorps program that engages young adults in team-based national and community service projects, fostering personal and professional growth.
    • United World Colleges (UWC): Offers a two-year pre-university program focused on academic and personal development, emphasizing international understanding and social responsibility.

Note: These are just a few examples of organizations offering gap year programs in different categories. It’s important to thoroughly research each organization, their programs, costs, and reviews to find the best fit for individual interests and goals.