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College Fit Quiz

College Fit Quiz
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Instructions: Read each question carefully and choose the answer that best describes your preference. Once you’ve answered all the questions, refer to the key to help identify your ideal college fit.

1) Campus Size:

  1. I prefer a small, close-knit community with fewer than 5,000 students.
  2. A medium-sized campus with 5,000-15,000 students sounds ideal.
  3. I’d like to be on a large campus with more than 15,000 students.

2) Campus Location:

  1. A rural setting with lots of open spaces appeals to me.
  2. I’d love a suburban environment, not too city-like, but not completely isolated.
  3. A bustling urban setting would be perfect.

3) Proximity to Home:

  1. I want to stay close to home, within a 2-hour drive.
  2. I’m okay being a day’s drive away, 2-8 hours.
  3. I’m ready for an adventure and am okay being more than 8 hours away or even in a different country.

4) Academic Focus:

  1. I prefer a liberal arts education with a broad range of courses.
  2. I’m looking for a university known for its specific programs or majors.
  3. Research institutions with opportunities for in-depth studies attract me.

5) Class Size:

  1. I want small classes where I can get to know my professors well.
  2. I’m comfortable in moderately sized classes.
  3. I’m okay with large lectures and seeking help when needed.

6) Campus Vibe:

  1. A tight-knit community with lots of traditions is what I dream of.
  2. A diverse and constantly changing environment is exciting.
  3. A competitive, high-energy campus sounds motivating.

7) Extracurricular Activities:

  1. I’d like a college where I can join or start unique clubs that cater to niche interests.
  2. I want a balance of sports, arts, and other activities.
  3. A big sports culture or Greek life is a must-have.

8) Housing Options:

  1. I’d prefer living in cozy dorms or with a small group of students.
  2. Apartment-style housing or living-learning communities sound great.
  3. I’m considering off-campus housing or a variety of housing options.

9) Study Abroad Opportunities:

  1. Definitely! I want multiple opportunities to study abroad.
  2. Maybe, I’d like the option but am not sure yet.
  3. Not a priority for me.

10) Internship and Job Opportunities:

  1. I want a college with close ties to local businesses for internships.
  2. I’d prefer a college that can connect me to a variety of regional opportunities.
  3. A university with a broad, possibly international network is ideal.

11) Tuition and Financial Aid:

  1. I’m looking for schools with generous scholarships and financial aid.
  2. I’d like a mix of merit-based and need-based financial assistance.
  3. I’m open to exploring different financial packages, but it’s not my top concern.

12) Social Scene:

  1. I want a quieter social scene with coffee houses, intimate gatherings, and artsy venues.
  2. A mix of activities, from parties to local events, sounds great.
  3. I’m looking for an active nightlife, big parties, and lots of student events.

13) Campus Facilities:

  1. Up-to-date libraries, intimate study areas, and cozy spots are a must.
  2. I’d like a mix of modern facilities, recreation centers, and diverse dining options.
  3. State-of-the-art labs, big sports complexes, and modern amenities are important to me.

14) Weather:

  1. I love seasons and would like a place with a mix of weather conditions.
  2. I prefer milder weather but can handle some seasonal changes.
  3. Warm and sunny most of the year is my ideal.

15) Campus Diversity:

  1. I want to be in a very diverse environment with students from various backgrounds.
  2. Diversity is important, but it’s not the only factor in my decision.
  3. I’m open to any campus culture, as long as it’s inclusive.


Mostly A’s: You might prefer a smaller, traditional liberal arts college in a quieter setting. These colleges often offer intimate class sizes, strong community vibes, and a broad-based education.

Mostly B’s: You’re looking for a balanced experience, perhaps at a mid-sized university. These institutions might provide a mix of academic opportunities, extracurricular activities, and a moderate pace of life.

Mostly C’s: A large research university, possibly in an urban setting, might be your fit. These universities often have a wide range of resources, big sports cultures, and extensive academic research opportunities.